Statistical Data

The monthly statistics show a breakdown of the types of incidents the Faribault Fire Department responded to.  The Incident Totals and Call Backs spreadsheet provides statistics on all of the incidents combined, including calls where additional firefighters were paged for assistance.  The City and Rural Calls spreadsheet provides a statistical breakdown of city vs. rural area incidents.  The Fire Incidents spreadsheet provides statistics on fire incidents, mutual aid incidents, and the total $ loss of city and rural fires.

Monthly Statistics

Overview for 2018

The Fire Department responded to 2,560 calls for service in 2018, or an average of 7.01 calls per day. The "on duty shift" of 2 or 3 full-time firefighters responded to 2,485 of those calls, or 97.07%, with no requests for additional assistance. The part-time firefighters and off duty full-time personnel were paged 38 times, or 1.48% of the time for assistance in 2018, and off-duty personnel were called for "station staffing" 37 times, or 1.44% of the time because the on-duty shift was not available for other calls.
Type of Call
Number of Calls
Percentage of Total
Fire Calls
Rescue Calls
Medical Calls
1,644 64.22%
Hazard Calls
   58  2.27%
Public Assists
 113 4.41%
Carbon Monoxide
Gas Leaks
Cancelled Calls
 281 10.98%
2018 Total Calls
2,560 100%