City Code

The City Code is available and searchable online.

Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Included in City Code

2023-16 Amending Section 12.02 – Oath of office. of the Faribault City Charter 

2023-17 Amending Section 12.04 – Sale of real property. of the Faribault City Charter 

2023-18 Adding Section 12.09 – Fines and civil penalties. to the Faribault City Charter 

2023-19 Amending CHAPTER 8. - PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS AND SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS of the Faribault City Charter

2023-20 An Interim Ordinance Authorizing a Study and Imposing a Moratorium on the Operation of Cannabis Businesses within the city of Faribault

2023-21 Approve Zoning Text Amendments Related to Limited Recycling Collection Centers in Commercial Districts

2023-22 Authorizing Disposal by Sale of Real Property owned by City Identified as LOT 1, BLOCK 3, CANNON RIVER VIEW

2023-23 Amending Article V of Chapter 14 of the Faribault City Code of Ordinances

2024-1 Repeal Planned Unit Development Ordinances Associated with River Ridge, River Ridge 2nd Addition, and River Ridge 3rd Addition Plats 

2024-2 Vacate a Portion of the Right-of-Way at 2nd Street NE and Heritage Place

Ordinances Pending Approval

2024-3 Vacate Easements near the Intersection of 2nd Street NE and Heritage Place 

If you have any question on these ordinances, please contact Assistant to the City Administrator Heather Slechta at 507-333-0353.