City Code

The City Code is available and searchable online.

Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Included in City Code

2020-17 Amending Section 2.04. - Incompatible offices; interest in contract. of the Faribault City Charter

2020-18 Amending Section 7.14. – Authority for expenditures. of the Faribault
City Charter

2020-04 Vacate Certain Perimeter Public Drainage and Utility Easements Originally Platted in Hofmeister Second Addition 

2021-01 Amend Sec. 3-15 of the City Code of Ordinances regarding Composition of the Airport Advisory Board 

2021-2 Rezone 20905 Canby Avenue from C-2, Highway Commercial to TUD, Transitional Urban Development 

2021-3 Approve Rezoning from O Open Space/Agricultural to C-2 Highway Commercial District at 1507 Saint Paul Avenue 

Ordinances Pending Approval

If you have any question on these ordinances, please contact Assistant to the City Administrator Heather Slechta at 507-333-0353.