Permits & Applications

Right of Way Permit

Information taken from section 25 of the City Code.

Permit & Regulations

Except as provided in the City Code, no person or public right-of-way user may obstruct or excavate any public right-of-way without first having obtained the appropriate permit from the City. For more information, please view the permit form and regulations below.

Registration Form

Any public right-of-way user, which owns or controls a public utility facility within any public right-of-way, or any portion thereof, shall register with the City. For more information, please view the Right-of-Way Registration form below.

Fee Schedule

For more information, please view the Right-of-Way Fee Schedule below.

Right-of-Way Permit Resources

Parking Permits

Information taken from section 15-20 of the City Code.


No person in charge of any type of trailer shall park or permit such trailer, whether or not attached to a motor vehicle, to be parked upon any street in the city for more than 3 hours in a 24-hour period, unless otherwise provided.

Construction trailers for contractors doing business on adjacent properties between April 1 and November 1, may park on a city street within 100 feet of the property they are doing business at. To do so, a contractor at the time of requesting a building permit, must apply for an on-street parking permit providing the location, dates and time they plan to be on a street for a construction project.

The public works director may deny this permit, if there are options for the contractor to park on private property or the location is a hazard. The public works director may revoke the permit for special circumstances.

Special Use Permit

In the event that a 1-time increased on-street parking duration is desired by the owner of a motor vehicle and / or trailer, a special permit may be obtained from the city provided the expanded duration is clearly defined and based on unique conditions not related to the general storage of the motor vehicle and/or trailers.

Grading Permits

Street Closure