Demographics & Development Statistics


The City of Faribault tracks demographic and building activity data to watch for emerging growth trends and changing community characteristics. Market researchers, institutions, business leaders, and other governmental agencies use demographics to make decisions such as where to locate a business and whether to provide additional facilities and services. A summary of the most requested demographic information is shown below, with links to detailed demographic reports and building activity summary graphics.

For more detailed information regarding development and population trends, please contact the Community & Economic Development Department.


  • 2000 Population: 20,818 (U.S. Census)
  • 2010 Population: 23,352 (U.S. Census)
  • 2015 Population (estimate): 24,090 (esri)
  • 2020 Population (forecast): 24,555 (esri)



  • 2010 Number of Households: 8,317 (U.S. Census)
  • 2015 Number of Households (estimate): 8,609 (esri)
  • 2020 Number of Households (forecast): 8,826 (esri)



  • 2015 Median Household Income (estimate): $51,999
  • 2015 Average Household Income (estimate): $62,705



  • Land Area: 13.402 square-miles   

Detailed Demographic Reports