Noisy Neighbor Complaints

See the Faribault City Code, Section 17-42, dealing with Nuisance Noise.

Ordinance Details
The key to the ordinance is the term, "unreasonably disturb the peace". Also note the time restrictions of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. that are stated in the ordinance. Remember that people have a right to use their property and this may result in noise at times. If you feel that the noise level is unreasonable please bring this to the attention of the property owner, or call for a police officer to make an assessment of the situation. Faribault officers are responsible for enforcing this ordinance. When the Police Department receives calls of loud vehicles (both loud music and loud exhaust), often the vehicle is out of the area when the officer arrives. Often officers will respond to a call of unreasonable noise and the person responsible will stop. After the police officer leaves the area, the noise will start again. If this is the situation, call the police again and further action will be taken. Action may include another citation being issued and implementation of the city's repeat nuisance call ordinance to abate the noise.

If you wish to report noisy situations that violate the city ordinance, or have any questions about enforcement, please contact the Faribault Police Department. Give the complaint information to the dispatcher or ask for a patrol supervisor to contact you about the issue.