Potentially Hazardous Items/Practices

Gasoline Containers
Never store gasoline containers inside your home. Escaping vapors are heavier than air and easily find ignition sources such as pilot lights.

Matches & Lighters

Always remember to keep matches and lighters stored in a safe place. Many children have a curiosity about fire and can easily start a fire when they find these items. Talk to your children about the danger of playing with fire.

Careless cigarette smoking starts many home fires. Are ashtrays large enough so that a forgotten cigarette will fall in? Ashes should be discarded in metal wastebaskets only, ideally outside the home. Do not smoke in bed. Remember careless smoking is still a major cause of home fires.

Portable Heaters

The Faribault Fire Department wants to remind you to check that your portable heaters in your home be kept away from people, curtains, and furniture. Keep portable heaters a safer distance from flammable materials.


If you burn wood in a fireplace or a stove, remember to clean your chimney regularly. Creosote buildup can cause a chimney fire. Chimney fires can be very dangerous and the smoke often backs up in the home causing extensive smoke damage. These problems can easily be prevented by regular chimney inspections and cleaning.