2130 and Boat 002
2130 at first glance looks like a regular pickup with some stuff in the box, and essentially it is, but all that stuff serves an important purpose. 2130 is used for wild land fires, hauling equipment, towing our trailers, and for shuttling personnel. It is a 1997 Ford F-350 4x4 crew cab that was purchased as just a pickup and then modified here. Below is a list of the specifications:
  • 460 Cubic Inch Gas Engine
  • 225 Gallon On-Board Water Tank
  • 5 ½ Horsepower Briggs & Stratton Water Pump Engine
  • Pacer Water Pump
  • Weatherguard Toolboxes
  • 9,000# Warn Winch
2130 works well for wild land fires because it is lighter and narrower than our other apparatus. It can go off-road and down trails for extinguishment and moving personnel. These capabilities also come in handy when we are performing a search for a missing person in rough terrain that requires the use of an off-road vehicle. At any type of structure fire, we end up with a lot of dirty equipment that needs to be transported back to the station for cleaning and 2130 usually performs that task. The water pump can be removed and the rear part of the truck bed can be used for hauling. The toolboxes mounted on top of the sides of the box are filled with various tools for fighting wild land fires. 2130 doesn’t see the run volume that some of our other apparatus does, but when it is called upon, it usually is the only apparatus capable of handling the task.