2023 Energy Action Plan

Access resources to help navigate your energy needs. See Faribault’s updated Energy Action Plan and learn how your home or business can save energy and money or connect to renewable energy programs at the bottom of this page (Resource Hub).

Partners in Energy

Partners in Energy is an Xcel Energy program that provides communities services toAn image of community members discussing plans for a new Energy Action Plan.  develop and implement an energy action plan. Faribault has its own unique energy needs and priorities and Partners in Energy helped the community of Faribault develop a plan that serves the community’s needs and vision to help residents and businesses save energy and money and connect to energy programs.

Alongside community members, city staff, council, and energy utilities, Partners in Energy facilitated a community-led planning process that updates our Energy Action Plan with new data, goals, and strategies.

A graphic of focus areas for the City as it relates to energy.

Energy Action Plan 

The new Energy Action Plan, approved by City Council in October 2023, represents an important next step toward building Faribault’s energy future. This Energy Action Plan helps guide the city in making high-impact progress to decrease emissions from energy through clean energy and efficiency projects in the community. 


Faribault is a vibrant, diverse community with equitable access to clean, affordable energy for all residents, businesses and institutions. We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency and renewable energy and creating a sustainable future where all can thrive.

Community Goal

Faribault will avoid an additional 50% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to business as usual, while saving the community energy and money.


By reaching this goal, the city estimates Faribault will avoid spending an additional $5.6 million on energy bills through increased energy efficiency.

This is equivalent to saving 33.9 million kWh of electricity and 4.4 million therms of natural gas and equates to 28,992 Metric tons of Carbon ( MTCO2e) cumulatively avoided by 2030; equivalent to almost 6500 gasoline-powered vehicles driven for one year.


In 2017, the City of Faribault participated in Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program to develop and implement an Energy Action Plan. Since Faribault was an early adopter, Xcel Energy has worked closely with the City to help achieve its energy goals and is now facilitating the update of the Energy Action Plan to the needs of 2023. As a participant, the City gained unique access to city-specific energy data in conjunction with data analysis expertise. These resources allowed the City’s Energy Action Team to identify opportunities to reduce energy waste, excess energy spending, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on the values and strategic priorities of Faribault’s Community Vision 2040, the Energy Action Team developed an energy plan (Faribault's Energy Action Plan) that outlines a city-wide energy goal and cost-effective energy strategies to achieve it. The plan was approved by City Council on April 11, 2017.