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Posted on: June 1, 2021

Summer Safety Campaign: Weather Hazards can escalate quickly

A graphic reading, "weather hazards can escalate quickly."

The National Weather Service's Summer Safety Campaign officially kicks off on Tuesday, June 1. The theme of this year's Summer campaign is "Weather Hazards can escalate quickly."  

We hope these resources will be useful to you in highlighting sudden weather threats and relevant safety tips.

Flash Floods

Whether you’re on the road or camping, will you be ready for sudden flash flooding? Make sure to enable Wireless Emergency Alerts on your phone. If flooding occurs while you’re outdoors, immediately get to higher ground, and NEVER enter flood waters in a vehicle or on foot.

A graphic showing floods can escalate quickly.


Warm temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels — especially in the summer and in parked cars. Stay Weather-Ready and don’t underestimate the heat.

A graphic showing heat can escalate quickly.


Thunderstorms and squall lines can quickly turn clear skies dark. Stay Weather-Ready by having a way to get weather alerts on your phone, and stay safe by immediately going inside when the skies turn threatening.

A graphic showing thunderstorms can escalate quickly.


Tornadoes can form in minutes, day or night. Stay Weather-Ready by having a way to receive weather alerts any time of day. If you receive a Tornado Warning, get to shelter immediately.

A graphic showing tornadoes can escalate quickly.


Wildfires can spread quickly — by the time one is nearby, you may not have much time. Stay Weather-Ready by preparing ahead of time. Ready your home, have an evacuation plan, and an emergency supply kit. 

A graphic showing wildfires can escalate quickly.

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